Immploy links employers to effective tools and resources for recruiting, hiring and retaining skilled immigrants.  Cost-effective, efficient and easy to use, these tools & resources can be leveraged by companies of all sizes. Contact us and get access to our Mentorship Handbook, discussion starters for mentors and mentees, tips to leverage immigrant talent, and more.

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Employer Online Learning Hub

Thinking about building a more diverse and inclusive workforce, but are unsure where to begin? The Hub is a collection of resources hand-picked by inclusion experts across Canada to help you build on your company’s immigrant inclusion strategy. Browse the wide range of topics to find tools and resources that fit your workplace vision at https://iecc.network/

Recruit Talent 

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 Attract Talent

  • Join Immploy and connect with business leaders who have successfully attracted and retained newcomer talent.
  • Volunteer through Immploy Mentorship programs.

Welcome Talent

Helping new immigrant hires and their family members feel welcome within your company, your community and our region will boost retention efforts.

When employers are able to access the qualified talent needed at the right time, companies thrive and everyone benefits.

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