WIL Employment Connections, Immploy and Access Centre Offer Remote Services

June 4, 2020

WIL Employment Connections, Immploy and Access Centre for Regulated Employment provide remote services and support to immigrant job seekers at no cost

Published in the Canadian Immigrant Newsletter | June 4, 2020 

WIL Employment Connections (WIL), a non-profit community organization located in London, Ontario just two hours west of Toronto, has provided quality employment support services and career development solutions to immigrant job seekers for over 35 years.

During these complex times, we are reaching out to remind you that while we cannot meet with you in person, we are here to help. Our staff is continuing to serve clients remotely through emails, phone calls, video conferencing, online workshops and webinars. Please contact us today to learn more about accessing our services at no cost. We are all here to help connect your skills and talent with employers across Southwestern Ontario today and throughout the economic recovery.

WIL Employment Connections

WIL offers a full range of employment programs and services for job seekers including employment counselling and career development. We specialize in providing the help you need to prepare for work in Canada and teach you how to effectively job search.    We are here to get you ready for online job searching and video conferencing interviews while offering e-based networking sessions with local employers.     As you are ready for employment, we are your connection and bridge to meaningful employment opportunities in and related to your field.

Contact us today: www.wil.ca | careerinformation@wil.ca


Immploy connects employers to immigrant job seekers through programs that include Immploy Job Match and Mentorship.

Contact us today: www.immploy.ca | info@immploy.ca

Access Centre for Regulated Employment

The Access Centre for Regulated Employment provides information and application assistance to internationally trained individuals who are seeking licensure and employment in Ontario’s regulated professions.

Internationally trained professionals may access Counselling for Alternative Employment Pathways guidance, support, assessment and planning for a determined alternative employment pathway as well as dedicated job development that will market prepared job seekers for alternative employment opportunities.

The Internationally Trained Worker (ITW) Loan Program provides ITWs (residing in Southwestern Ontario) access to the funds necessary to achieve foreign credential recognition and employment outcomes commensurate with their international education, skills and experience.

Contact us today: www.accesscentre.ca | info@accesscentre.ca

You have the talent, skills, experience and insight to benefit businesses across Southwestern Ontario. Let us help you re-establish your career in Canada.   If you are open to looking for work in Southwestern Ontario, we are here to connect you with all of our services no matter where you live in the province.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.