Immigrant Employment Councils Across Canada Announce Launch of National Online Employer Hub

May 31, 2021

Immploy announces the launch of the National Employer Online Learning Hub, an employer engagement collaboration between the eight Immigrant Employment Councils (IECs) of Canada.

The Immigrant Employment Councils of Canada is a partnership between eight IECs across Canada, committed to working together to improve labour market attachment by connecting skilled immigrants with Canadian employers. Through its pan-Canadian scope and activities, the IECs strive for increased employer engagement, inspiring new program innovations, and fostering strategic partnerships to strengthen labour market outcomes for skilled immigrants across Canada.

The development of a collective online resource hub for employers was done to build a network that enables immigrant employment councils (IECC) and their partners to access a comprehensive library of resources created by IECs across the country. While leveraging existing employer resources developed by IECs, the new website will help IECs promote innovative ideas and best practices in strategizing immigrant inclusion in the Canadian economy. Employers accessing the learning hub will realize a competitive advantage in attracting, hiring, training and retaining qualified, competitive immigrant talent.

To access the Hub, please visit