Find a Mentor

Immploy Mentorship programs connect newcomer job seekers with regional business leaders through occupation and industry specific matches and events.  The programs support mentees in becoming professionally established in Canada’s labour market.

Mentorship Opportunities

Group Mentorship offers newcomers an opportunity to connect with corporate teams in your industry.
One-on-One Mentorship matches skilled newcomers with professional volunteers in your industry
Virtual Mentorship allows skilled newcomers anywhere across Southwestern Ontario to access mentorship

Benefits of Mentorship

  • Establish and grow your professional network in Southwestern Ontario
  • Understand your industry within Canadian context
  • Connect with Canada’s hidden job market
  • Increase confidence in your job search
  • Understand the regional labour market
  • Refine your job goals
  • Identify transferrable skills
  • And as a result – secure meaningful employment

How it Works

  1. Register with Immploy through WIL Employment Connections
  2. Someone from the WIL Systems Navigation Team will follow-up to determine eligibility and refer you to appropriate programs
  3. Attend an Immploy Mentorship Orientation Session
  4. While waiting for your mentorship match, explore other WIL resources and supports
  5. Once matched, mentors and mentees will be meet over the span of four months – in person, in a group or virtually

*Please note that some newcomer job seekers may be encouraged to participate in WIL’s employment preparation programs before joining Immploy Mentorship

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