I am an Immigrant

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As an internationally trained individual or international student graduate, you have the talent to provide businesses with a global advantage in today’s increasingly competitive environment. With insight into other business cultures, access to international markets and valuable language skills; your experience is an economic strength.

Settlement Agencies

Settlement organizations provide a wide range of services that include:

  • Information on accessing government & community services such as education, health care, housing and recreational facilities.
  • Assistance in completing forms.
  • Interpretation and translation.
  • English language training assessment.

The following settlement organizations are Immploy Community Partners:

Job Search Tips for Immigrant Job Seekers

  1. Register with Immploy through WIL Employment Connections
  2. Explore volunteer opportunities to gain valuable Canadian work experience
  3. Connect with a Mentor working in your occupation or professional field
  4. Take advantage of several bridge training programs offered in Ontario
  5. Refine your business communication and language skills
  6. Learn everything you need to know about living and working in Southwestern Ontario
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